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They’re a staple of many families’ lives – especially when there’s a new baby around – but did you know you can do more with them than just swaddling, using as a burp cloth and wiping up dribble? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite uses for muslin cloths both for your baby and around the home.

For babies…

1. Use it as a swaddle to help prevent the startle reflex during sleep

2. Use it as a bib during messy mealtimes when weaning

3. Drape it over your shoulder when burping your baby to keep your clothes clean

4. When out and about, use it as a cover when breastfeeding if it makes you feel more comfortable

5. Drape it over a stroller to use as a sunshade (remember to ensure there’s plenty of air flow)

6. Lay it on the floor as an impromptu changing pad

7. Place it in a bouncer seat to protect it from spills and sick

8. Use it as a mattress protector between the mattress and crib sheet

9. Lay it on your changing pad for your baby’s comfort during nappy changes and to keep the surface clean

10. Use it at bath time to gently wash your baby

When your baby no longer needs a muslin, don’t let it go to waste, there are some other fabulous ways to use those redundant muslins.  Take a look at these ideas…

Around the home…

11. Use it to remove makeup and wash your face instead of using cotton rounds or facewipes

12. Use it on damp skin to gently exfoliate the face and lips

13. Use it to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces

14. Use it as a dish cloth to dry and polish dishes and cutlery

15. Clean your glasses with it

16. Polish leather shoes with it

17. Use it instead of a towel to dry hair, helping to reduce frizz

18. Use it to dust wooden surfaces

19. Wrap homemade bread in it to keep it fresher for longer

20. Use a larger muslin cloth as an impromptu picnic blanket

21. Cut it into smaller pieces and make a bouquet garni when cooking

Our collection of baby muslins are made from GOTS certified cotton.  They are super-soft and free from harmful nasties-meaning no irritation to your little ones delicate skin.  They make the perfect gift for a newborn, or baby shower-each pack being wrapped with a delicate bow.  

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