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How to safely swaddle a baby

There are many benefits of swaddling your baby. Here we’ll show you how to do it safely…

Your baby was kept all snug and cosy while in your womb, so it’s no surprise that they’ll enjoy that same, safe and warm feeling once they’re born.

Swaddling – a practice that’s been carried out for thousands of years – can be an effective method of helping your baby to sleep. Not only does it help keep baby feeling safe and warm, swaddling can prevent their tiny arms and legs flailing about during sleep which can trigger their startle response also known as the Moro reflex, potentially causing them to wake.

‘Wrapping your baby in a swaddle mimics the feeling of security he felt when in the womb and can really help when settling a new baby,’ says baby sleep expert Hannah Love. ‘However, even in the womb, babies can move and turn so it’s important that the swaddle isn’t too tight or restrictive as this could cause problems within the hip joints.’

The best material to use for a swaddle is 100% cotton muslin, as its soft and breathable.

We recently joined forces with Mother & Baby and our resident baby sleep expert, Hannah Love to bring you a fabulous video guide on how to swaddle your baby-take a look below.

Hopefully, with the help of our video guide, you’ll be a master swaddler in no time!



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