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Celebrate Earth Day the Organic Way

Our earth is a treasure so our vision to create simple but beautiful organic newborn baby products that are practical yet durable comes hand in hand with supporting of sustainable and ethical processes from the sourcing of materials, to their treatment and final manufacturing. We work closely with trusted factories that operate with safe working conditions and low environmental impact.

We want to help in the reduction of fast fashion, so when choosing Bloomsbury Mill baby products, you are helping us in this mission! We do this by creating beautiful items, made not only to be used for a few months but instead strong enough to last and be passed on to younger siblings and children of our families and friends. We are able to create these durable pieces by using the very best organic cotton, which is known for its softness and strength.

Soft, gentle, and toxin-free, it’s everything our children deserve. From the moment your little one first casts a toothless grin to those episodes of infectious laughter, we believe every moment should be cherished. So, why settle for anything less than perfection? Our pieces are the result of a unique blend of sustainability, comfort and convenience.

As signatories of the The 2025 Sustainable Cotton Challenge we are committed to sourcing 100 percent of our cotton from the most sustainable sources by the year 2025. With our entire newborn collection now made from GOTS certified organic cotton we are fast progressing towards our end goal.

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We believe it’s Earth Day every day, and we want to help you create long-lasting habits by choosing sustainable over single use.




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